“Schmid Happens!”

Yep – that was the headline in the Kilkenny People Newspaper yesterday after Kaia Schmid won stage 1 of the Rás na mBan Stage Race in Ireland. The article can be found HERE. Due to her win she picked up quite a collection of new shirts. From the article: Schmid will wear the overall leaders’ magenta … Read more

Team Work Part 2 – The Caravan and Switching From “Me Think” to “We Think”

teamwork  /ˈtiːmwəːk/ : noun : the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient.   The video above is from stage 1b of the Hungary Nations’ Cup and shows the mad dash through the caravan following a crash with less than 15 km to go in the race. It is from the POV of one … Read more

Kaia Schmid World Champion!!

To say that Kaia Schmid had a successful outing in her very first international competition would be an understatement – winning one gold (and a new shirt), one silver and one bronze medal in the Junior World Track Championships in Cairo, Egypt. Her first race on the velodrome in Cairo was the scratch race in … Read more

Teamwork Part 1 – The Team Time Trial

  teamwork  /ˈtiːmwəːk/  noun: the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient.   The team time trial is the embodiment of team work in cycling on the road. You start with six riders (sometimes more, sometimes less), you ride together as a single unit as fast as you can over a given … Read more


  Billy Innes is: An artist A former professional cyclist The former Junior National Team Director for USA Cycling A role model for young men pursuing their dream of becoming a professional cyclist at the highest level One of my closest confidants and a dear friend occupying what I like to call my inner circle … Read more

The NonProphet Rockin’ New Year’s Eve 24 Hour Assault Bike Challenge – aka “OPERATION DON’T SUCK – DON’T DIE”

  “Hey Joe, can I borrow one of your athletes?…………For an extremely ridiculous challenge….?” That was the text I received at the beginning of December from Erin Blevins (aka @shutup_eat – a friend, a key part of the NonProphet crew in SLC and an all around bad-ass) My answer: “Only if you promise to put … Read more