Supplemental / GPP

/sup·ple·ment/ something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.


Supplemental work is important for all endurance athletes, especially cyclists who spend most of their time on a weight bearing machine designed for efficient motion.


A targeted supplemental strength program can have both health and performance benefits.


  • Health Benefits: Increased Bone Density, Improved Tendon and Ligament Strength, Improved Joint Function, Reduced Potential for Injury, Increased Metabolism


  • Performance Benefits: Increased Neuromuscular Function, Enhanced Economy of Movement, Increased Peak Velocity, Enhanced Time to Exhaustion, Psychological Edge


Yes, bikes are my main thing. I also have a great deal of experience climbing (mostly rock and some mountaineering) as well as Nordic skiing (both skate and classic). During all of that time racing a bike, climbing (both as a hobby and a profession) and skiing I have used the gym as a means to supplement those primary objectives. I have also had a number of major injuries and surgical repairs over the years which require constant supplemental gym work to address the “issues” resulting from those injuries and repairs.


If you already have the “primary objective programming” covered but want to explore supplemental gym work to compliment it I have options available ranging from single one-on-one in-the-gym sessions to extended programming. If GPP (General Physical Preparedness) is your thing we can come up with a plan for that too.


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