Billy Innes is: An artist A former professional cyclist The former Junior National Team Director for USA Cycling A role model for young men pursuing their dream of becoming a professional cyclist at the highest level One of my closest confidants and a dear friend occupying what I like to call my inner circle … Read more

The NonProphet Rockin’ New Year’s Eve 24 Hour Assault Bike Challenge – aka “OPERATION DON’T SUCK – DON’T DIE”

  “Hey Joe, can I borrow one of your athletes?…………For an extremely ridiculous challenge….?” That was the text I received at the beginning of December from Erin Blevins (aka @shutup_eat – a friend, a key part of the NonProphet crew in SLC and an all around bad-ass) My answer: “Only if you promise to put … Read more

A Conversation With Mark Twight and Heidi Franz

In November my friend Mark Twight visited. During his visit we went on a bike ride with Heidi Franz and afterward we sat down and had a conversation in the NonProphet mobile recording studio (aka my house). That conversation is up now on the NonProphet podcast here During the conversation Heidi describes how she got … Read more


  OB·JEC·TIVE: / noun / a thing aimed at or sought; a goal PLAN: / noun / a diagram or list of steps with details of timing and resources, used to achieve an objective to do something MO·TI·VA·TION: / noun / the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way … Read more


What happens in a year when organized rides and races are cancelled or postponed due to a global pandemic and how do you maintain motivation to train when your objectives may not be that clear anymore? I addressed this in the previous post from my personal and professional perspective. I also asked a couple of … Read more


Since you are here you already know I run a coaching company that specializes in working with cyclists the majority of whom are training in preparation for specific events.   But what happens in a year when organized rides and races are cancelled or postponed due to a global pandemic? How do you maintain motivation … Read more


  Congratulations to Heidi Franz on her second place on today’s Stage 6 of The Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l’Ardèche – a UCI 2.1 and her first European podium! Check out the race report over at Rally Cycling here.

Redmond Derby Days Bicycle Race – 79 years and … longer counting.

        “After a lot of analysis and deliberation, the City of Redmond has decided to cancel the Criterium in 2020 and beyond…We have done a very deep dive into the costs and the needs of the city as a whole. While some of it comes down to cost, it also comes down … Read more

Wheels In, Wheels Out – A rant on taking responsibility and controlling something that you can control.

“Neutral” spare wheels are used for this event. Wheels you bring may be issued to other riders in the event of puncture during the race.”   This statement is on the website of a local bike race. My immediate thought?   “Sigh…..this again.”   Second thought?   “You have got to be kidding me.”   … Read more