Tête de la Course Cycling

What’s In A Name:

Tête de la course is a French expression meaning “head of the race,” and refers to either the rider or riders who are in the lead at any point in the race.

Tête de la course also has a broader meaning: One rider aggressively forcing the pace and by sheer force of will and power, transforming the race into something special. Doing this is racing a race “Tête de la course” from the front, with passion, with intensity and with panache.

That’s what I have set out to do with this company. Lead from the front, lead by example. Cycling isn’t just something I do, it has had a huge impact on who I am. It is my hope that I can spread the passion that I have for cycling to others through my coaching and by the events that I put on.

“Tête de la Course” – the name says it all.


Are you looking for a quick fix, a silver bullet or a 10 minute wonder workout that will make you faster, help you lose weight and solve your problems? If so, then I will honor the time that you’ve spent to get this far and let you know that none of those exist.  I will then politely suggest that you keep looking elsewhere because this is not the place for you.

Do you understand that you alone are responsible for the results, that there are no short-cuts and excuses are just that? Are you willing to commit and believe that real achievement requires effort?

Then Welcome. The coaching home page describes the services I offer along with a more detailed description of my coaching and training philosophy or if you are ready to pull the trigger now go to the contact tab and let’s begin.


Have an idea for an event or have an existing event that you want to take to the next level? Take a look at the Event Management page.