Photo by Chris Wingfield

Private Coaching

Whether you are aiming for your first Gran Fondo, want to win the local weekend race or become World Champion (yes, I have coached two different athletes to a total of four World Championship titles) I can assist you in meeting your goal. You will get a custom tailored plan of action and an education along the way. In other words you will learn the “why” and not just be told the “what” because the journey is as important as the goal.

My coaching programs are built to meet the unique needs of every athlete. All athletes receive a custom-designed training program that is tailored to fit the context of their lives, taking into account personal goals, resources, time constraints, family, work, school and other responsibilities. Whether working with power, heart rate or simply perceived effort I will develop a program that will work for you. All programs will be a blend of “new school” thinking and “old school” experience.

I don’t believe in different levels of pricing for different levels of coaching. I have one set rate (with a discount for juniors) and it includes:

  • Personalized daily training plan utilizing Training Peaks software
  • Plans will either be RPE, Heart Rate or Power based depending on your resources
  • Fitness test to determine baselines
  • Periodic fitness testing to gauge progress and to calibrate new training zones
  • Unlimited plan modification because life happens
  • Unlimited access via phone, email and/or text – you will get a response within 36 hours, often sooner
  • Opportunities, when available, for one on one sessions either in the gym or out on the road
  • Preferred pricing for partner products

Contact me for specifics on pricing. A minimum 3 month commitment is required because change doesn’t happen overnight.

Supplemental Work

Specialization comes at a cost. Obviously if you want to become better at cycling the best prescription is to get out and ride your bike…a lot. Unfortunately a single minded focus can, and probably will, lead to weaknesses in other areas. These weaknesses will eventually catch up to you and have a negative impact on the primary goal: cycling.

Supplemental exercise should be a part of every cyclists training plan. Shoulder Dislocates to address shoulder flexibility, Overhead Squats, Turkish Get Ups and Front Leaning Rests for core stability, Front Squats to improve posture and develop leg, hip and back strength, Deadlifts to develop raw strength that can transfer to the bike. These are just a few of the supplemental exercises that can help cyclists of all abilities.

As a Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor I have the knowledge to cover the basic techniques of these and other exercises and write the appropriate program to address your individual needs. Full programming and/ or individual sessions available.

Team and Group Coaching

Clinics can be arranged for your team, club or group covering such topics as pace lines, cornering, positions, tactics, etc. I have extensive experience directing teams and running team building exercises and will pull from this experience to assist your team, club or group in reaching their goals.


“Without a doubt I have made many gains in cycling as a direct cause of Joe’s coaching and mentoring. He has taught me all about the world of cycling from how to properly train and eat to race etiquette and strategy.

Joe has a great knack for understanding an individual and knowing how/what to do to optimize their performance.

Before meeting Joe I had no idea what I was doing on a bike. But over the 5 years he has worked with me, he has developed me into a well rounded cyclist and competitor. Tête de la Course Cycling is perfect for anyone looking for coaching as Joe is great with all sorts of people from many different disciplines.”

– Logan Owen, 9 time U.S. National Cyclocross Champion, 2013 U.S. National Road and Criterium Champion, 4th place 2013 Junior World Cyclocross and Road Championships, Winner 2011 Tour of West Vlaanderen

“I have been a cat 1/2 track and road racer for 25 years. My results were spotty and inconsistent in the past. I sometimes did well in short races that tend to favor a sprinter. I have had a couple of goals that have eluded me throughout this time. One: a consistent winter/off season training plan that would facilitate the (second goal) of having my natural sprint available at the end of fast crits and longer road or circuit races. Up to this time in my life I had never had a coach or sought anything more than advice during conversations on a training rides/local races from other racers/friends.

This is where Joe Holmes comes in to play. I began working with Joe last fall. Under Joe’s direction I for the first time had a consistent training plan that was sculpted to me (a 43 year old Masters racer with a full time job and kids). The specific workouts and consistency worked. 9 months later I found myself placing top ten at the end of 80 mile elite 1/2 road races, several podiums in elite 1/2 and masters track races including national events, and winning masters cat 1/2 crits. All of this culminated in me winning my first medal ever at the Master’s National Track Championships in the (of all things) team pursuit!

I would recommend to anyone whether you are a jr racer, a young adult racer aspiring to be a pro or a masters racer with a busy life to tap into Joe’s 30 years of experience if you get a chance. He is versatile and I have seen him adapt training plans to all levels and ages of racers.”

– Jim Flynn, Port Orchard, WA