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Logan Owen Blog Post – “Blessed”

This is the first installment of many to come from Logan Owen. I am hoping to have Logan post some updates periodically as he travels the globe racing on the road for The Axeon Cycling Team and in cyclocross for Cal-Giant Cycling Team. 


As I fly to Europe (for the second time in 24 hours – my plane was turned around back to Chicago after being almost halfway there) to race Roubaix I’ve had some time to reflect on the past few years of my very young career. I’ve never really realized until right now how truly blessed I am to be able to do what I love and how fortunate I am for all of the opportunities that I have to travel and race around the world. I have had some special mentors along the way and have been on some great teams. These opportunities are what have made (and continue to make) me the cyclist I am today.

For being my second year on Axeon Cycling I already have had the chance to race with some of the best cyclists in the world. The Amgen Tour of California was the most recent UCI event I’ve done and only my second UCI race with Pro Tour teams in it. Going into the race I wasn’t sure what to expect about how tough the race was going to be because my only other race at a similar level to ATOC was the Tour of Alberta. Our team started out California with the objectives of trying to get in the break and trying to finish well on each individual stage. The first stage ended up going pretty well and smoothly with the break coming back close to the finish. I was able to fight my way up in the sprint with some really big names to finish 17th. It was quite intimidating to be up there with guys like Mark Cavendish and Peter Sagan, who have won multiple Tour de France stages, fighting for position towards the finish. I slowly got used to fighting for position with the big name guys in the finishes as the race went on and was able to turn that into some decent results with a 14th place finish on stage 4 and a 9th place finish on stage 8. For the other stages that didn’t end up in a sprint we were looking out for Tao and James, our GC (general classification) guys, by getting bottles for them and keeping them in good position within the bunch. Being able to work for your teammates is a great learning experience and makes you realize how important that teamwork is in the sport of cycling. Tao ended up finishing 13th overall in the race which was a great result for him and the team. After a couple of top 10 and 15 place finishes, being represented in a few break aways and finishing top 15 in the overall, I would have to say Axeon Cycling had a successful Tour of California. 

After California I had a couple of weeks before I needed to head over to Europe for the U23 Paris Roubaix. I decided to head over to my girlfriend Chloe’s place in Indianapolis for some recovery miles in between ATOC and Roubaix. While I was in Indy I was able to stop in and say hi to one of our main sponsors, SRAM, since they are based in Indianapolis. I had a lot of fun taking over their Twitter account for a few hours as well.

After my visit with SRAM, I ended up going to Iowa for Snake Alley with Chloe since my coach, Joe Holmes, had told me it was a Midwest classic. Chloe and I made the four hour drive out there and participated in the race. I had no idea what to expect since I had never really heard of the race before. After pre riding the course I knew the race would break up immidiately and that the start would be crucial. Chloe ended up riding away from the Pro Womens field to win her race by minutes, which was a great way to start off the day. I ended up getting a great start due to a call- up and was able to capitalize on that great start to finish third after all was said and done. It was a great race with an amazing crowd cheering us up the Snake Alley climb and it was really cool to be able to participate in such a historic race. 

Myself and the rest of the Axeon Cycling team are heading over to Europe now to prepare for the U23 Paris Roubaix. I’m especially motivated for this race after finishing eighth last year in my first ever attempt at the race. Hopefully either myself or one of my teammates can top that result from last year and come away with a win! After Roubaix I will be traveling back to Indianapolis to hang out with Chloe and prepare for Tour de Beauce, which takes place from June 10th-14th.

Stay tuned for more updates on where I’m traveling, how the races are going and which races are coming up next!


Screen shot of Logan Owen’s power file from the last stage of Tour of California. Logan’s entry was the following: “Really hard start and I was just holding on the best i could. legs were still a little tired for the finish but was able to stay up near the front and get 9th on the stage.”


Screen Shot of Logan Owen's power file from Snake Alley - a true Midwest Classic.

Screen Shot of Logan Owen’s power file from Snake Alley – a true Midwest Classic.