Logan Owen Report from Tabor

Logan Owen is currently in Europe with USA Cycling participating in 2 World Cup events. Yesterday’s race was in Tabor in the Czech Republic and Logan finished 5th. This Sunday the team will travel to Plzen to compete in the second World Cup race. The aim of the trip is to gain experience and World Cup points with the final goal being the World Championships next February in Louisville.

This is his second post from Tabor. Enjoy. 

Today we woke up to a cold morning in Tabor but unlike every other day it wasn’t foggy! So we did our usual breakfast routine at 8 and then got ready for our training for the day. We headed out of Tabor to do a loop that ended up going through some town that we had no clue existed.

On this adventure we ended up getting lost but quickly found where we were going thanks to Yannick’s iPhone. Overall we had a good 2hr ride.

When we got back we showered up and headed down to lunch at the usual pizzeria. They have much more than pizza though. After that we headed to the mall, which has a grocery store on the basement floor out of 4 floors total, and got some groceries. We carried all of the items in my backpack back up to the room. Cody, Yannick and I then went out and walked around town to do some shopping. I ended up getting a pretty sweet Craft beanie. After exploring the town we just headed back and relaxed in the hotel rooms until it was time to walk to dinner.

We ended up going to this Indian restaurant and I had never eaten at an Indian restaurant before and I was definitely skeptical (my nickname is White Bread after all). However after dinner I ended up loving the chicken curry I had with rice and a mango lacy drink. All in all it was a very relaxing day.

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