A Conversation With Mark Twight and Heidi Franz

An Island Ride with Chosen Family

In November my friend Mark Twight visited. During his visit we went on a bike ride with Heidi Franz and afterward we sat down and had a conversation in the NonProphet mobile recording studio (aka my house). That conversation is up now on the NonProphet podcast here

During the conversation Heidi describes how she got into cycling living on Bainbridge Island and her development pathway through the ranks from collegiate cycling to racing as a professional. She speaks about maintaining motivation in a season of uncertainty including the “disproportionate joy” of seeing a friend on the road while training alone during lockdown. Also touched upon is how the “silver lining” of 2020 was the opportunity to put in some volume that otherwise would not have happened (as in eight 20-hour training weeks in a row).

Heidi tells us about maintaining “the bubble” with her team once she was able to restart her season in Europe and about her experience at the 2020 Tour of the Ardeche where she got second on the penultimate stage and how wrapping up her season at the Tour of Flanders was a “fucking dream come true kind of day”.