You Are Part of the Problem


Really? You’re the “shortcut”? Guess what? There are no shortcuts. You are however part of the problem. The problem of telling people that there are shortcuts in the first place.


That image of “Shortcut to fast” flashed up on the heading of the website of a prominent coaching company that I went to today.

I want to state that I have a lot of respect for the individuals behind this company and have attended seminars that they have presented. Just because I respect someone though doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything they say. And it doesn’t mean that I am going to buy what they are trying to sell. And it doesn’t mean that I am not going to call them out on something that, well, quite honestly pissed me off.

I just couldn’t move beyond this statement of “shortcut to fast”. I couldn’t move beyond it and I couldn’t let it go. Because it’s bullshit.

There are no shortcuts.

Let me repeat that.


There are no “hacks”, there are no “magic pills” or “seven minute wonder workouts” and there sure as hell are no “shortcuts”.

There is however the understanding that real achievement requires effort, it requires hard work, it requires accepting hard as normal, it requires attention to detail.

But most people don’t want to hear those things. They want to hear that there are “shortcuts”.

And that ultimately is the problem.

And if you are trying to sell “shortcuts” then you are part of the problem too.

“Fitness is strength and conditioning, but also strength of character. Cheating and shortcuts produce visible insecurity. Genuine accomplishment looks and feels different. It cannot be faked.” – Mark Twight

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