Today In The Gym – Let the Rehab Begin!



Trainer Ride: 30 minutes/ 8.8 miles/ Avg power 87 watts/ Avg HR 100 bpm

Even though the numbers were really low, it felt really good to type that (and even better to actually do that). The last time I did exercise of any kind was on August 27 when I crashed at Seward Park in a training race. That was 41 days ago. I fractured my iliac crest, broke 4 ribs and punctured a lung. The iliac crest required surgery and I was given strict orders from my orthopedic surgeon of no weight bearing and no exercise of any kind for 6 weeks. I had a follow up appointment with my ortho yesterday and he green lighted physical therapy and riding the trainer. He did stress that I could only go to “2 on a scale of 1 to 10 and his scale, not mine…” I still have to use crutches to get around but I’m finally back on the bike and on the road to recovery.

In the words of Mark Twight when I told him I was able to get back on the trainer….”BOO YAH!”

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