Thorsten Askervold Race Report from Chico Stage Race


The team rolling in the hills of Nor Cal during team camp



What happens when your team mate gets a flat on the way back from the stage……..Team Work Of Course! Check out the video on @taskervold on IG. #squadgoals


Thorsten Askervold is a Tête de la Course Cycling coached U23 rider racing for the domestic elite Team California. Along with Logan Owen and Heidi Franz, Thorsten will be posting about life on the road racing bikes. Here is his first post from last weekend’s Chico Stage Race. Enjoy.

The Chico Stage Race was the first race for “Team California” and I. If you have not heard of the team already it’s based out of Northern California hence the name. We are a development team racing under the guidance of AJ Kennedy, Freddie Rodriguez and Kirk Carlsen. Our Main sponsors are Storck, FSA/Vision and Gu Energy Labs. 2018 is my 2nd year with the team although the team went through a huge transformation going into this season. A very cool thing about our team is the diversity of our team. We have 2 Mexican riders, a kiwi, a rider from Hong Kong and others scattered all over the US.


Going into the stage race I wasn’t sure how we were going to ride as a team since we’ve only ridden once together at team camp back in February. Day one was the thunder hill circuit race. Our team objective was to get my teammate Cooper and I in a winning position for the end. However near the end a break ended up getting away and we had Cooper in it and he sprinted for 5th. A good result, but we were hungry for more.


Going into the 2nd day I knew this was a perfect course for he and I. It was a 90 mile road race with a 4 mile gravel section and a small hill during and after it that we had to do 2 times. We had a plan going into the race and we stuck with it. I was really excited the way our team rode. We entered the gravel section as a team first on the last time through. I was feeling very optimistic with a couple teammates in front of me and Cooper right behind me. About halfway through the gravel Cooper had gotten a flat so it was up to me to finish it off. Patience was my enemy though and I decided to make an attack on the gravel hill (about 5-6 miles from the finish). I thought that this could succeed because I saw everyone was hurting and no teams were organized and I had good legs. However I ended up getting caught right before the next hill exiting the gravel section and that is when Team Rally decided to attack and that was the end of my race. It was the difference between me sitting in on the final little hill and making the front group. But my lesson was learned.


On the last day patience was our enemy again during the final stage (the crit). We made too many moves to be fresh at the end. But with about 2 Laps to go we had Gera up in a break, but the gap closing very quickly as Team Elevate took control of the race. 1 lap to go I had Cooper in front of me but he got moved off his line and lost some speed which left it up to just me. I had to gain a couple more positions to be where I wanted and got there and then the sprinting started –  going into the final corner we caught the breakaway. We were going a lot faster then the guys we caught and they were all spread out through the corner and I got caught behind them as I took the outside line when I should have gone to the inside – missing out on a potentially very good result.


This was our first race as a team and we made mistakes. But our team has a lot of potential and we learned from those mistakes. Main lesson being patience and how big of a difference it makes in this sport.


Next race for our team is Tour of Gila and Redlands Bicycle Classic.


Thanks for reading.


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