Thorsten Askervold Cracks the Results Page in France!


Thorsten on his way to 5th place at Louison Bobet

Tête de la Course Cycling athlete Thorsten Askervold is living in France racing with the French development team Laval Cyclisme 53. He has raced close to a dozen races so far this season and was able to get on the results page in his last couple of races. Here is his report.


Coming to France to live and race this season has been a pretty steep learning curve. I will say though that as the season is rolling along my form is progressing every week. All of this racing I’m doing every week is developing me as racer and every week I feel like I am getting stronger and my mind is adapting to the European racing.


So far this year I’ve done more racing then I did all of last year. Which is a huge reason why I wanted to come to Europe in the first place (to develop). A couple of weeks ago I got my first top 5 result at “Louison Bobet”, which I was super stoked about. I was disappointed that I didn’t win but I was happy that my form had been progressing and that I was in a position to go for the win. Last Wednesday I also picked up 12th place at “GP U”.


All of these races so far have been really hilly and windy which seem to suit me well. In last week’s race, the hills and cross winds shattered the peloton. There was a kicker that was over 20% gradient that led to the final six circuits. I made it in a group of about ten of us. There was a breakaway that got away at the beginning of the race which ended up being the winning move and contained one of my teammates who ended up fourth which was cool. At the end of 4 hours of racing I wasn’t too tired which I was really happy with and means that I am adapting to the racing. I know that I need work on my tactics. I have been told that I can be too aggressive at times. (true statement – Joe) but I am happy that my form is coming along which is making me even more motivated.


The racing in Europe is really aggressive, teams are always trying to figure out ways they can blow up the peloton and these teams are strong. Many of them are the reserve teams or development teams for the biggest named teams in Europe. That makes every rider want to race even more aggressive and win so that they can make a mark for themselves. But every week seems to be an improvement, and I’m just searching for that first win of the season now. I have two races this coming weekend and I am really looking forward to them!


Thanks for reading. – Thorsten


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