Team Clinics

Tête de la Course Cycling is offering one day clinics for your club team. The clinics will be presented by myself and Tom Peterson and consist of some classroom time followed up by on the bike practice. Both of us have a tremendous amount of experience in the sport of cycling and bring unique perspectives to the table. I have directed teams at the professional, amateur and national team level and Tom raced professionally for eight years, six of them at the World Tour Level. We have a lot of knowledge and we would love to pass it along.

Some sample clinic topics include:

  • Professionalism:
    • What that means for you
    • What that means for your team
    • Why is it important for your sport and your sponsors
  • The Team Meeting: both pre and post race meetings
    • Pre-Race:
      • Each rider’s individual goal
      • Team goal
      • Action points throughout the day
      • Tactics for final depending on several given scenarios
      • Who is the captain on the road for the day
    • Post-Race:
      • What went well
      • What could be improved upon (even if the team won)
      • Understanding the importance of accepting criticism and owning mistakes
  • Efficient Racing
      • Where to be when in a race and why
      • Fueling/ Nutrition throughout the day (pre, during, post race)
      • Working together and staying together as a team throughout the race, some riders expending energy to help the “leaders”
      • Tapping into the flow of the race to minimize effort and maximize results
      • Echelons and Pace-lines: what kind, what direction and why
      • Lead-outs
  • Supplemental Strength Training
    • What is it and why is it important?
    • Off Season vs In Season

Contact us for rates and ideas about what we can create for you.

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