So That Was Pretty Awesome

Heidi Franz, fist in the air, as she realizes that she has just won Ballard. As far as local bike races go, Ballard is definitely one of the crown jewels and watching her win, with her dad, over dinner at a course side table was…..awesome.


Yesterday is a perfect example of why I do what I do and why I love doing it.


Morning: Do an easy ride with Heidi Franz because we are both going to race a Seattle classic, The Ballard Criterium, later that day.


Afternoon: Get in the van with Heidi and Jennifer and head onto the ferry and then over to Ballard. Arrive and park in a primo spot at corner three.


I race, and I accomplish my “goals” – I don’t crash. I finish. I make a brief appearance at the front (at the wrong time but….details). I don’t embarrass myself. I have fun (my bike racing goals at Ballard are not that lofty).


Evening: Head over to where I made a dinner reservation with Jennifer and Heidi’s dad, Ernie. It just so happens that our table was outside and located right at the start/ finish line.


The three of us then watch the Women’s Pro 1-2 race which has three women that I coach in it (Heidi, Emily Alexander and Margaux McBirney) over dinner,  some beers (a really good Imperial Stout by Métier)  and a great bottle of wine.


During the race I watched Emily bridge up to a break midway through which was awesome. Emily has made some great progress in the past few months and watching her do that in a race that she has struggled in the past was, well, really awesome. (this is from Emily’s notes on the race: “For the record: this was the first time I haven’t been dropped in this race, and my first ever bridge in a race… Definitely a good night at the races”)


I watched Margaux, who is pretty new to bike racing, be active and eventually finish 5th – also awesome.


And I watched Heidi WIN THE BIKE RACE WHICH WAS AWESOME!!. Did I mention that Heidi’s dad was watching with us… that was also AWESOME!


After their race Emily, Heidi and Margaux joined us for some celebratory beverages as we watched the Pro 1-2 men race and then Jennifer, Heidi and I got back in the van, headed to the ferry terminal and pulled up just minutes before the boat to The Island was getting ready to load (which was a complete surprise and also pretty awesome).


So yeah, yesterday was a prime example of why I do what I do and why I love doing it. Because it is pretty damn awesome.


Sometimes you’re the hammer….. Heidi with her pretty sweet engraved hammer trophy and Ballard Criterium Champion jersey.

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