I started working with Logan in 2009 when he was 13 years old. I still remember the first ride that we did together. There was something about this kid that made me decide to invite him out on another ride with me. Then another. Then another…..

He became a regular training partner that winter of 2009-10. He never complained, in fact, he barely spoke at all…But, he always showed up on time ready to do whatever I had in mind for that particular day of training.

That first winter he sat on my wheel. Then, over time, he started taking some pulls. Over time those pulls became longer. Then…they became harder…until the point  where I started spending more time sitting on his wheel.

12 National Championships. 3rd overall in the Junior CX World Cup. 2 fourth places at the World Championships. 3 UCI race wins. The only American to win Liege-Bastogne-Liege….and so many other results that I have lost count – Logan Owen has made it to the the Big Leagues – The World Tour – Fuck Yeah!!

I am so proud of this kid and I am honored that I have been a part of his journey as his coach …. as his mentor. No time to rest on laurels though…the work has just begun.


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