When You Are Champion of the World, You Get to Wear the Bands. Chloe Dygert with her new shirt and necklace.

When, and only when, you are Champion of the World, you get to wear the bands. Chloe Dygert with her new shirt and necklace. Looking pretty damn good.

Chloe Dygert's Power File from Monday's World Championship Time Trial

Chloe Dygert’s Power File from Monday’s World Championship Time Trial


Chloe Dygert scorched to victory today in the first individual event of the Richmond 2015 World Cycling Championships. She averaged over 27 mph for 9.3 miles on her way to winning the Junior Women’s World Time Trial Championships. Her actual winning time was 20:18, over a full minute over second place, another American, Emma White.

Chloe averaged 284 watts with her normalized power at 307 watts which was almost exactly what she did for nearly 28 minutes in a warm up time trial she did in Indianapolis a few weeks ago and an improvement on some numbers that she put up back in July at Cascade and in Boise in August. So – the training was working.

She competes in the road race on Friday.

Congratulations Chloe!

Here is a link to the CyclingNews coverage of her victory on Monday: Dygert Crushes Junior Women’s TT at Worlds

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