A Coke and a Smile

A Coke and sort of a smile.

A Coke and sort of a smile.

Sometimes nothing but an ice cold can of Coke will do (and yes, it has to be a can). This stop was about 3 hours 45 minutes into a ride that ended up being just a little over 6 hours long. 

I rode one of my favorite loops in Kitsap County today: TST which used to be THE classic road race in the PNW until storms washed out a bridge about 6 or 7 years ago. The race never made it back on the calendar. Too bad because it’s fantastic in the mold of LBL. Constant rollers with some steep pitches that are close to a kilometer in length on heavy chip-sealed roads. 

I haven’t ridden the loop since I moved to Bainbridge because the added distance from the actual loop made for a ride that couldn’t be done on a whim. I decided on Friday I wanted to do it and was joined for the actual loop by Ward Z, John K and a new guy to the area named Richard. The four of us made a good crew as we were able to roll at a nice steady pace. The key to a ride like this on terrain like this is to not race up the climbs. Keep it holstered and then get back on the gas over the top. And we were able to stay on the gas as evidenced by our nearly 21 mph average.

I figured the entire day might be close to 200km. As I got close to home I realized I was going to hit around 190km. So I added a loop. Because if you figure it’s going to be a 200km day then it needs to be a 200km day. Or in this case, 204km to be exact. 

The final tally:

6 hours 5 minutes ride time.

127 miles (aka 204km) for an average just under 21mph. 

7218′ of climbing. 

Average heart rate for the ride was 141 bpm hitting a max of 178 on a climb. Average power on the day was 193 watts and the normalized was 229 watts for a TSS of almost 407 at an intensity factor of  almost .82. What does all the mean? That it was a damn good training ride. The ride hit all the zones with adequate time in each to get a good training effect. With some rest I should get a very good bump in fitness from it.

More importantly, it was a glorious day on one of my absolute favorite routes. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect and our four man crew was all on the same page which made the ride all that more enjoyable.

Oh yeah, and 4243 kj of work or the equivalent of just over 4200 calories burned.

That Coke was earned…and then some.

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